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The Peanuts Movie (Full Review)

Few cartoons or comic strips have ever been more endearing than Peanuts. Originally created by Charles M. Shultz, these cartoons have been a staple for family fun and holiday entertainment for 65 years. It only seems right to bring loveable loser Charlie Brown and his imaginative, eclectic canine pal, Snoopy to the big screen.

The Peanuts Movie, directed by Steve Martino and written by Chultz’s son and grandson, follows Charlie Brown as he embarks on a journey to gain respect from his classmates and gain the affection of the new girl in school. Meanwhile, Snoopy and his bird pal Woodstock try their hand at writing a novel. Along for the ride are all of the classic Peanuts characters: Piano playing Schroeder, know it all bully Lucy, wise, blanket toting Linus, tomboy Peppermint Patty and her brainy assistant Marcie, and Charlie Brown’s spunky sister Sally.

If you’ve ever been a fan of Peanuts then there is absolutely nothing to dislike about this movie. It is as witty, charming, and as downright goofy as the best Charlie Brown comic strips and TV specials. It is the perfect family film for anyone from ages 3 to 93. While it certainly seems lengthy in relation to the TV movies you might’ve become accustomed to, the payoff is more than worthwhile. The only negative part of the experience is the insufferable Ice Age short that appears before the movie starts.

The animation is also stellar, blending the classic style of Shultz’s original artwork with impressive modern age computer generated technology. Blended with a fine soundtrack and the fact that Charlie Brown is just a wonderful character who brings a positive message, The Peanuts Movie is a must watch for anyone who wants to enjoy a movie with a little one or who just wants to embrace their own inner-Charlie Brown.


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