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Secret In Their Eyes/The Night Before Reviews


Ejiofor and Roberts are hauntingly strong in their roles as two characters whose senses of morality falter with each failed attempt to bring the suspected killer (Joe Cole) to justice. In fact, essentially every character in the film gets their hands dirty, making most of the characters interesting enough to account for the film’s relatively scattered pacing. The narrative issues are due in large part to a constant switching between past and present that the movie could’ve done without. Still, passionate leads and an unexpected, albeit twisted, ending help make Secret in Their Eyes decent time well spent if you’ve already caught the major releases. FINAL GRADE: B-


As you should be able to tell from my description, this is a real niche film. If you hated This Is The End or last winter’s would-be comedy The Interview, then you’ll be disgusted by The Night Before. The rest of us with a good sense of humor will find this movie hysterical from start to finish. Michael Shannon, as a former janitor turned wise Christmas sage/drug dealer is alone worth the price of admission. Well timed cameos and fun, yet surprisingly heartfelt chemistry between the three lead actors make The Night Before good enough to excuse a narrative that seems as if it’s making things up as it goes. FINAL GRADE: B+

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