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Masterminds (Full Review)

You know a Michael Bay movie when you see it. You can usually figure it out after the tenth explosion within the first half hour. You know a Tim Burton film when you see it. It’s dark, creepy and weird. And after watching Masterminds, you’ll be fully familiar with the films of director Jared Hess.


It’s hard to call Masterminds a good movie because it barely makes any sense. But someone can make the same claims on all of Hess’ films. At times the movie is overwhelmingly discomfited. But it is a comedy. And the most important aspect of a comedy is to make the audience laugh. If you are in the group that thinks Hess’ other movies are hilarious, then you’ll enjoy Masterminds. But if you found those movies dumb and weird… well… guess what you’ll think of this one?

Personally, I own two of Hess’ films, so you can imagine which end of the spectrum I fall closer toward. While watching this movie, there were several times when I outwardly said “This is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen.” But, some of those times I did so while holding back laughter. A few moments, like Sudeikis’ hitman using an old Mexican rifle to try and kill Ghantt, actually had me in tears. So while Masterminds is dumb and unrealistically goofy, it undoubtedly has an audience that will enjoy it.


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