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Better Late than Never Reviews


This movie isn’t quite funny enough to be Mean Girls or Can’t Hardly Wait, due in large part to Bella Thorne’s flat performance as the primary antagonist. She’s like a thrift shop version of Rachel McAdams’ Regina George. Ken Jeong’s annoying portrayal of a high school teacher could’ve also been left out. But, the movie does strike the necessary chords to be memorable. Relative newcomer Mae Whitman is magnetic in the lead role and her back and forth chemistry with Robbie Amell is undeniably refreshing. So, while The DUFF may not be a classic, it certainly deserves credit for being witty and for managing to effectively refresh the genre for the newest generation of teenage moviegoers. FINAL GRADE: B+


Kristen Stewart (yes, Twilight Kristen Stewart) is the obvious weak link here. She isn’t quite terrible throughout, but any time she is asked to monologue or show more than the average dose of emotional depth, she absolutely flounders and kills the vibe. Ironically, her character is an aspiring actress. But luckily for us, Julianne Moore’s Alice Howland is our focal point and she gives a performance that may just leave you in tears of sorrow and joy as she shows how one can confront a debilitating disease with dignity and love. FINAL GRADE: B


It should go without saying, that if you don’t like Spongebob, this movie will be the most annoying two hours of your life. But if you’re familiar with the show, and how it can borderline on inappropriate for young ages in the same vein of Ren and Stimpy, then there will be plenty of tongue and cheek laughs. Don’t expect the story to be nearly as coherent as my plot summary and if you’re prepping to see CGI superhero action like what’s promised on the poster and in the trailer, expect disappointment there as well. The vast majority of the film takes place in the usual animated setting of the TV show. I am a quasi-fan of Spongebob fan, so I found it watchable enough, but parents of young children should beware. FINAL GRADE: B-

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