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2 Bad Movie Reviews

I chose the title to kill the suspense on this one. Saw two movies recently that were so forgettable that I didn’t care to post about them. Alas… I had people ask me my thoughts on them, so I suppose I should be fair to the other lousy films I’ve seen this year, and share.

Into The Storm

Instead of calling this movie Into the Storm, they should’ve called it “Into the lives of stock characters who ignore the weather channel”. For all of the thrills and spectacular moments advertised by the trailer, this movie is incredibly boring. It spends the entire first half introducing you to people you mostly don’t care about, who are going through things that you see in almost every disaster movie (Single father trying to reconnect with his son, money hungry jerk willing to risk the lives of his team for fame, parent trying to get back to their young child, etc.) If these types of characters and situations don’t sound familiar, it’s probably because you don’t watch enough movies.

Weak characters would be forgiven if we were actually given a movie where the action and adventure dominates the story. But that is not remotely the case in Into the Storm. Many of the adverse situations stem from pure stupidity; Why not cancel a graduation ceremony after you’ve just watched a severe storm warning on the News? Why do you need to film a flaming vortex from a few feet away with a heavy duty camera with professional zoom? There are even two moronic characters who run on foot to take pictures of the storms so they can get famous on Youtube. The only saving grace from this movie is that once the actual superstorm hits, the visuals are thrilling and the action is suspenseful. But none of that happens until the last 15 minutes. So you’re better off just ignoring the whole thing. Trust me, it isn’t worth it. FINAL GRADE: D

Let’ s Be Cops

A movie about two friends who pull pranks dressed as policeman is a fairly funny premise. Too bad Let’s Be Cops has a not so funny script. I am a fan of the Fox sitcom New Girl, which is where the film’s stars, Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr., honed their chops as a comedic duo. So, I know that the two can be funny. But despite their chemistry, the humor falls flat more times than not. It might be because the movie tries to take itself too seriously with a plot driven by a killer gangster and illegal weapons trafficking. Old police comedies like Eddie Murphy’s Beverly Hills Cop series had serious cop action and drama, but the humor in those movies was driven by the quips of the lead actor, not by zany, unrealistic antics like this film.

There are a few funny parts. Then again, most comedies have a few chuckles to pull you in from the trailer. But, like with Sex Tape and Tammy, you have to have either a worthy story or a ton of humorous, unadvertised moments, for a comedy to resonate after the credits have rolled. Let’s Be Cops doesn’t really have either. FINAL GRADE: C-

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