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Final Reviews of 2014

2014 Has come to an end. Here are a few quick reviews to cap off Year 2 of BSReviews. Have a Happy New Year!


As stories go, when it isn’t being too depressing or too pretentious for its own good, Birdman is an absolute marvel. There are several key moments that strike a chord, such as Thomson’s angry rant about the nature of Critics or a special effects laden dream sequence that deconstructs the nature of the average moviegoer. Where the movie makes its biggest mark is in its cinematography. Set mainly within the confines of a theater, Director Alejandro González Iñárritu manages to shoot and edit the entire film to look like one long take, creating a true sense of an onscreen stage play that is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.



Have you seen This Is The End? Have you seen Pineapple Express? Did you enjoy them? If the answer to those questions is yes, then you will enjoy The Interview. Franco’s TV host character is a moronic, yet somewhat charismatic, man-child who can’t be taken too seriously. Seth Rogen’s producer best friend tries to keep him in check and tries to navigate around his stupidity. As you should expect from their earlier works, the movie is garishly dumb. Kim Jung-un (Randall Park) is portrayed in a fashion no different than how any sketch comedy show portrays George Bush Jr. or Bill Clinton so don’t expect to find anything groundbreakingly controversial. I, personally, found the aforementioned films absolutely hilarious. So it goes without saying that I laughed out loud watching this movie. And it goes without saying that if you aren’t a fan of Rogen and Franco’s antics, don’t watch. That goes for you too, North Korea.


My countdown of my favorite and least favorite films of 2014 will be coming later this week. See you in 2015!

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